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We've got answers to frequently asked questions relating to pest control and treatment options. Call us at 262-797-4160 or contact us online if you don't see what you're looking for below. You can also receive a free estimate online.

What results are guaranteed?

We aim for your complete satisfaction. Results are guaranteed*. With our BAN system, if an issue occurs between your quarterly visits, schedule an additional visit free of charge.

*Bed bugs are not included in this guarantee. Due to the biology and habits of bed bugs, there is always a risk of getting bed bugs or for reintroduction to occur.  The best way to approach bed bugs is to detect them early with a regularly scheduled inspection and treatment program.  

What is the BAN™ system?

The BAN system will first rid your home of existing pests, then continue to protect your home and prevent further issues. Learn about our BAN system, the protection it provides, and what's covered here.

What pests are covered by the residential BAN™ program?

Our BAN system covers over 25 pests, including the usual culprits listed below. If you don't see what you are looking for, check our additional services.

*Commercial service plans may vary.

What if I have a problem in-between quarterly BAN™ visits?

If you would like to schedule another appointment in-between your quarterly BAN visits, you can schedule an additional visit free of charge. 

Some pests require more than one visit to implement effective measures. Mice, stinging insects, and carpenter ants are examples of pests that commonly require multiple visits for satisfactory results.

Why am I being billed monthly for a quarterly BAN™ visit?

With the BAN system, your monthly payment prepays for your upcoming quarterly service and also guarantees there is no charge if additional treatment is necessary between your quarterly services.

How will I know when to schedule my next BAN™ visit?

As a Batzner BAN customer, we will remind you through convenient phone calls and email reminders. If you have a specific date in mind, please contact our office.

Why do I need continuous service?

Once we have eliminated an issue, it may look as though you are safe to discontinue professional pest control. Pests are smart - they often reappear when Batzner goes away. Since we live in a cold weather climate for part of the year, the foundation and building products of our homes expand, shift, and crack during that time.  This creates openings for pests, especially rodents, to enter the infrastructure of your property. Warm weather brings with it stinging insects, ants and other crawling nuisance pests.

The BAN system offers the ultimate pest protection by targeting common household pests in the seasons they are most likely to be present, preventing colonies, swarms, rodent infestations, and other invasive pests from taking hold in your home or business.

How long will it take a Service Specialist to arrive after I call?

We make our best efforts to respond to your request as quickly as possible while accommodating your schedule.

What can I expect during a service?

Our Service Specialist will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home. They will search for causes and evidence of a particular pest concern and identify other areas where they see the potential for future pest issues. After they inspect and identify pest problems, they will recommend a targeted treatment plan to meet your specific needs and clearly explain how our services will be provided. Learn more.

How long is each service expected to last?

BAN Services - Initial services start with a thorough home inspection inside and out that can last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours depending upon the size of the home.

Quarterly Services - The time it takes to complete Quarterly Services is seasonally dependent. Spring and Summer services typically take between 20-30 minutes.  Fall and Winter services usually take between 30-45 minutes.

Commercial Services - The amount of time spent at your facility will be discussed with your Commercial Sales Representative.

Do I have to leave my home when you provide service?

You can remain home during and after treatment, as long as you follow the procedural post application information provided by the Service Specialist and the service report. Your Service Specialist will review his or her results with you so you have a thorough understanding of the service.

Do I have to be home when you provide service?

While it is preferable, you do not need to be home for an exterior treatment. A service report will be left at your home in your absence. We do require your presence during an interior treatment.

Will I still see pests after treatment?

The time it takes for the treatment to start working varies from pest to pest; time must be allowed for the pests to come in contact with the treatment. Find out more about what to expect after treatment.

How long will it take until I see results after treatment?

This will vary based on the pest.  Find out more about what to expect after treatment. If you see pest activity after the time frames listed below, please contact our office.

Here are some general guidelines:

Asian Lady Beetles & Boxelder Bugs: You will continue to see Asian lady beetles and boxelder bugs outside your home. They are drawn to warmth on the sunny sides of your home and will continue to rest there as the treatment takes effect. Eventually, the population will reduce, and you will no longer see them.

Carpenter Ants: Activity may be seen up to 30 days

Cockroaches: Activity may be seen up to 30 days

Mice/Rodents: Activity may be seen up to 14 days

Occasional Invaders (spiders, centipedes, etc): Activity may be seen up to 21 days

Pavement Ants: Activity may be seen up to 21 days

Stinging Insects: Activity around nest for up to 72 hours

Ticks: Activity may be seen for 2-3 weeks after treatment; to help aid results, routinely vacuum

How many treatments does it take until I see results?

It varies depending on the pest. After your pest evaluation, your Service Specialist will provide suggestions to reduce and eliminate conducive conditions that make pest activity habitable.

How much do pest services cost?

Contact us for a free estimate based on your pest issues and the size of your home.

Why not just DIY?

Professional pest control companies use pharmaceutical-grade products to effectively treat pests. Batzner Service Specialists are state-certified and extensively trained to understand the behaviors of pests and to provide the most beneficial treatment application method, so that they can properly inspect your property to prevent and resolve pest issues.

What is IPM?

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and is a holistic approach to handling pest situations.  The foundation of IPM is a strong working relationship between the client and the pest control professional to reduce and eliminate conducive conditions that make pest activity habitable. Batzner Pest Control has established our program based off of the lessons of IPM called BAN (Balanced as Nature).

Is there anything that can be done about Boxelder Bugs or Asian Lady Beetles?

Successful treatment for boxelder bugs is performed in Fall. If unseasonably warm weather in Winter/early Spring causes them to appear, we will not recommend* treatment at this time but will instead set you up for preventative treatment the following Fall.

*Reduction services can be performed along the interior areas where activity has been noted. This treatment will help diminish the numbers of pests but will unfortunately not eliminate them entirely. Preventative treatments – such as those in the Fall – are the best method of treatment for these seasonal pests.

Can pets and children be present during treatment?

Pets and children can be at your home during the treatment; however, they need to be kept away from the area being treated during the treatment.

When is it okay for my pets and children to go to areas that have been treated?

Once the product is dry, usually about two hours, but may be up to four hours depending on the product used. Your Service Specialist will inform you of the exact time frame.

Can pet food and water dishes be in the room during treatment?

No. For the safety of your pet, please remove them to a room not being treated.

I have questions about bed bugs.

We offer a few different service options to solve bed bug problems. Visit our bed bug services page for more information about the services we offer in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and everywhere in-between.

Do you provide mosquito treatment for parties or special events?

One-time treatments are available; pricing is varied based on yard size. Call us at 262-797-4160 or get a free estimate online.

How long does a mosquito control application last?

One application lasts 2-4 weeks.

How does weather and rain play into the effectiveness of mosquito treatment?

Heavy rain or consistent days of rain may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment; however, the products we use are developed to combat this. Heat does not have an impact on the effectiveness.

What DIY tips do you have for mosquitoes?
  1. Reduce and eliminate stagnant water. The smallest amount of water allows mosquitoes to breed. Change water in birdbaths and pet bowls often. Eliminate standing water in items around the yard.
  2. Landscape maintenance. Adult mosquitoes rest during the day, usually on the under sides of vegetation.
  3. Responsible use of insect repellent. Apply as directed.  Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants also help protect against mosquitoes.
How can I protect my family from mosquitoes and Zika?

Limit exposure to untreated areas around nightfall. Avoid shady areas. DIY tips:

  1. Reduce and eliminate stagnant water. The smallest amount of water allows mosquitoes to breed. Change water in birdbaths and pet bowls often. Eliminate standing water in items around the yard.
  2. Landscape maintenance. Adult mosquitoes rest during the day, usually on the under sides of vegetation.
  3. Responsible use of insect repellent. Apply as directed. Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants also help protect against mosquitoes.
Do you have on-staff Associate Certified Entomologists?

We do! Learn about their certification and meet them here!

Does Batzner service my area?

Visit our Service Area Locator page and enter your zip code to see if we service your area.

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