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Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Mosquito traps have become increasingly effective for controlling nuisance mosquito populations. Updated technology has allowed for mosquito traps that are able to target female mosquitoes, thereby limiting the amount of eggs laid and diminishing mosquito populations in your area.

There are many different mosquito traps to choose from, but most of them can be an effective choice in eliminating mosquitoes around your house.

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How Does A Mosquito Trap Work?

There are several kinds of mosquito traps that all have their own strategies. Here is some general information about mosquito traps:

  1. Most traps work by attracting female mosquitoes, which are the ones that will bite. 
  2. Traps will mimic the scents and signals that mosquitoes use to locate hosts. 
  3. The most common signals used in traps are carbon dioxide (which is released when humans exhale), warmth, light, and fragrances. 
  4. Trapping methods vary by device: some traps suck the mosquitoes in with a fan, some electrocute the mosquitoes, others use a sticky surface to capture them.

How Do Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps Work?

Mosquitoes commonly use the carbon dioxide that we exhale as a sign that we are near. A carbon dioxide mosquito trap mimics this cause by emitting this gas. Once the mosquitoes are drawn into the trap, they will not be able to escape. This could be because they’ve been sucked in by a fan, stuck to a sticky surface, or electrocuted. The goal of carbon dioxide traps is to lure in and eliminate female mosquitoes, effectively stopping the population from reproducing.

Are Mosquito Traps Helpful in Wisconsin?

When you need to choose the right mosquito trap, you should ask your local mosquito exterminator for their opinion. A local expert will be able to determine the best options to get rid of the mosquito population in your area. Contact us at Batzner Pest Control to learn more!

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?​ in Wisconsin

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