Raccoons in roof in New Berlin, WIAs a homeowner in Wisconsin, you know how much of a nuisance it can be should wildlife decide to take up residence on your property. It’s the nature of wildlife to seek out warm, safe places for nesting and your home makes for a perfect spot, should there be an open hole for them to use. So how do you know if your home is properly prepared to keep wildlife out?

Where to Look for Wildlife Entry

No matter the time of year, you can expect that some type of wildlife will be attempting to enter your home. The easiest way you can accidentally invite a wild animal in, is by leaving holes open for them. Not only is an animal infestation damaging for your home, but it’s also potentially dangerous for you and your family. Here are some of the most common entry points we see: 

  • Roof Vents/Vent Covers: Loose or damaged vent covers are easy entry points for animals like raccoons who can use their opposable thumbs to gain entry. 
  • Chimney: An uncovered chimney is a surefire way to invite a multitude of pests into your home. Cover your chimney with a wire or metal mesh as a secure barrier to discourage wildlife.  
  • Air Conditioning/Heating/Plumbing Pipes: Anytime pipes puncture your home, there’s an inherent possibility of seals failing, and holes or cracks being created. What start out as small entrances can be made larger by wildlife seeking entry. Typically only protected by plastic covers that animals like squirrels can easily chew through, these pipes are a beacon for wildlife seeking nesting places.  
  • Deck/Porch: Probably one of the most common concerns, a damaged deck or porch is a perfect den opportunity for a plethora of wildlife like woodchucks or even muskrats. 
  • Soffits: Damage to the underside of an overhanging roof or balcony can be easy to overlook. The space within a soffit is a great location for wildlife like opossums to nest or gain entry to your attic to create a den.  
  • Gutters: Wildlife of all kinds love to use gutters as a nesting space, so be sure to check and clean your gutters regularly.  
  • Crawlspace: Dark and generally undisturbed, crawlspaces make for an ideal environment for pests and wildlife alike. Be sure to check crawlspace entry points for damage and use high quality metal screens/mesh to cover entryways. 

I’ve Found a Hole, What Now?

Oh no… you discovered your home has openings, allowing for the possibility of unwanted furry guests. It’s important to repair any cracks, chewed holes, gaps or damage as quickly as possible, but if you suspect wildlife has entered the hole or is in the home  – don’t seal them inside. If you happen to discover an open hole on your property, there are a few steps you can take: 

  • Plug the hole: Different from sealing, you’ll want to plug the hole with a removable material such as insulation, paper, or cloth. This allows any animals that may be using your space to easily push it aside. Check the plugged hole for a few days, and if the material hasn’t moved then you know you’re animal free.  
  • Seal the hole: After three days of mild weather and checking that the plugging material hasn’t moved, you’ve learned that you’re animal free and are in the clear to seal the hole. Be sure to use quality material like metal flashing or steel mesh to further discourage wildlife. 
  • Call the professionals: Professionals have expert training, and specialize in thorough property inspections, repair, and wildlife exclusion. Premature sealing of discovered holes may result in the separation of mothers and their babies, leading to the inhumane death of the babies or the mother reopening the hole to get to them. 

Batzner Pest Control, Your Partners in Wildlife Exclusion

The most trusted pest control firm in Wisconsin, Batzner Pest Control has been protecting homes and businesses in our community for over 75 years. Well known for our service promise of putting customers first, our team is dedicated to quality – ensuring an easy, hassle-free experience. If you suspect you may have a wildlife infestation, or simply want a professional inspection of your property, don’t hesitate to get started by giving us a call today!

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