In true hornets, the head is very large.


Black and yellow coloration.


Some species can reach up to 2.2 inches in length.


Generally dark hollow tree trunks.

Interesting facts

Having smooth stingers means Hornets can attack over and over again.

How does Batzner get rid of hornets?

Batzner Service Professionals identify the nesting sites on your property and determine the proper treatment method. Once treatment is applied it may take up to 72 hours to see a reduction in activity at a nesting site. A preventative exterior treatment is also available to deter hornets from building nests in your eaves, soffits and behind shutters. 

What steps can I take to control or prevent hornets myself?

There are do-it-yourself products available, but be aware of the aggressive nature of hornets when disturbed. If the entire nest is not eradicated, they will rebuild nearby. Self-treating hornets' nests is not recommended.

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