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When it comes to preventing or getting rid of a pest problem, many people look to trying out DIY methods before they call in a professional pest control company for help. Going this route isn’t always recommended, especially for rodents. However, there are certainly a few mouse and rat repellents that may work to keep your property rodent-free. The rodent experts at Batzner Pest Control have compiled some common DIY rodent deterrent methods below. Read on to learn more!

Do DIY Mice Repellents Work?

As with all pests, all-natural rodent control can be a gamble. If used for preventative reasons, they may work well to keep rats and mice away. Most of the all-natural or DIY methods used to prevent mice are said to work because rats are repulsed by their smell. This is especially true for dryer sheets—while these smell wonderful to us, they are abhorred by rats and mice. Some of the other things that purportedly repulse rodents due to the scent include peppermint oil and mothballs. Although these all may work to keep rats or mice away for a short amount of time, the scent will wear off. It would require constant application of these deterrents to successfully keep rodents away from your Wisconsin home.

Natural Ways to Repel Rodents

Because all-natural or DIY repellents aren’t always trustworthy, it’s important to know other ways to prevent rodents. Five easy ways you can keep rats and mice out of your home this season include:

  1. Seal windows and doors: Rodents are known for their ability to squeeze through the tiniest of openings, which is why it’s important to seal any cracks or openings in your windows and doors.
  2. Place screens over chimneys and vents: Rats and mice may feel the warm air escaping your chimney and vents, and make their way indoors. Properly cover your vent systems and chimney.
  3. Fix or replace faulty pipes: Rodents are great swimmers and can make their way through your plumbing. Always fix any broken pipes in a timely manner to keep rats and mice from getting in.
  4. Store food properly: Rats and mice will seek out food inside of homes. Always keep food stored in airtight containers and clean up messes or spills after meals.
  5. Keep a tidy home: Rodents are big fans of clutter, and are attracted to messy basements and attics. Even worse, they’ll use the clutter to build their nests. Always clean up messes and avoid excess clutter.

DIY Rodent Prevention

If you’ve done all you can to prevent rodents in your home and still spot a rat or mouse in your home, it’s time to call in a professional rodent control company. The experts at Batzner not only know how to get rid of any rodents in your property but also make sure you never have to deal with an infestation again.

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mice Away? DIY Rodent Deterrents in Wisconsin

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