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If you’ve ever experienced an ant problem, you know how frustrating and seemingly never-ending they can be. Seeing just a few ants here and there can quickly turn to hundreds or even thousands—overnight! Ant infestations are overwhelming for any property owner, which is why it’s important to know what to do as soon as you suspect you have an ant issue looming. Bottom line, completely getting rid of ants often requires the help of a professional pest control company with experience controlling current infestations and preventing future ones.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Just seeing a couple of ants every few days is a pretty normal occurrence for any property owner. So how do you know when you have an infestation on your hands? There are several things to look out for when it comes to dealing with ants:

  1. Ant trails: Worker ants will lay down a pheromone in their trail to a food source in order to lead other ants to the food.
  2. Ant mounds or nests: The appearance of nests can vary between species, but generally look like small piles of soil or dirt.
  3. A never-ending population: If you’re noticing more and more ants each day, it’s likely their colony has spread.

How to Get Rid of Ants

There’s a reason why ants are so dreaded by homeowners—they’re infamously hard to get rid of! Although there are a number of DIY solutions to ant problems, they work best for prevention methods only. Once ants establish a colony inside your home or business, they can quickly grow and easily resist any store-bought products you may use in an attempt to defeat them. For this reason, a professional is needed to treat ants. While you’re waiting for help, you can help reduce the conditions that encourage ant populations to grow by keeping a tidy home, wiping up spills, picking up pet food, and more.

Professional Help for Ant Problems

Your best bet at stopping an ant issue in its tracks is to call a professional pest control company as soon as you start noticing more and more ants in your property. A licensed technician will be able to identify the species you’re dealing with before administering effective, long-lasting solutions to resolve your ant problem for good. Contact the expert team at Batzner Pest Control for ant solutions you can count on.

What to Do Once You Know You Have an Ant Problem in Wisconsin

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