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Stink bugs weren’t given their name for no reason. Just as you might expect, these little insects are known for the foul odor they release when they are threatened or crushed. But where does that stench come from, and what exactly does it smell like? For the most part, this odor is a defense mechanism used to deter predators when they feel injured or in danger. The smell is also known to linger for hours! Read on to learn why stink bugs release this odor.

How Do Stink Bugs Produce Their Odor?

Whenever they feel threatened—or are crushed or injured—stink bugs release a strong, odorous deterrent from a body gland in their abdomen. Much like a skunk’s defense mechanism, stink bugs will only use this function from time to time. The scent itself is a mixture of chemicals that is released through the exoskeleton. The odor is spread through the air and has been known to linger for a long time, which is why you should never crush one of these bugs when you see one!

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

These bugs are certainly smelly, but do they cause any harm? Even though these stink bugs are everywhere in the fall, they are not known to bite or attack people. Some of the things to know about the threat of stink bugs include:

  • The odor they release will not harm anyone and only occasionally causes mild irritation or agitation when the liquid gets on a human.
  • While they don’t pose any immediate threat to humans, stink bugs can still be dangerous when infestations get out of hand.
  • They don’t typically cause structural damage, but will invade homes in large numbers.
  • Additionally, they are a huge nuisance in the agriculture industry because they feed on fruit and vegetables.

How to Prevent Stink Bugs

In the fall months as the weather cools down, stink bugs begin to search for warm spots inside buildings to overwinter. The best way to prevent these smelly insects from getting inside is to safeguard your home. Inspect your property for cracks and crevices that would allow them in and fix any problems in the foundation of your home. If you need help protecting your home from stink bugs or if you have noticed them inside your home, it’s time to call a professional such as Batzner!

Why Do Stink Bugs Stink? in Wisconsin

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