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Are mice dangerous?

Both rats and mice are considered a dangerous pest problem, primarily based upon the scope of damage they can inflict on homes and businesses alike. Their behaviors and nesting habits can make a serious mess, and if left unchecked their presence could be downright destructive. What damage can rodents do to your property? Let’s explain these dangers below:

  • Rodents will try and chew on virtually anything they can access, from wooden furniture to electrical wires within your wall voids. 
  • They will tear through materials such as papers and insulation in order to build a nest. 
  • Certain rodents will burrow through your walls or underneath your foundation to build a nest, damaging structural integrity.
Are Mice Dangerous? | Batzner Pest Control

Mouse & Rat Damage

Rats and mice may be different species, but they’re both capable of wreaking havoc in your home. Some studies go as far as to suggest that rats are one of the most destructive pests known to man, and this is no truer than when rodents infest businesses. With a large enough spread they can contaminate food supplies and chew on wires, damaging expensive equipment and machinery. Whether it’s your home or business, rodent infestations are sure to leave a vast and expensive mess.

Why Do Rats Chew Wires?

Rodents are known primarily for their chewing habits. This is because their incisor teeth never stop growing, and they need to grind them down on a regular basis. Mice and rats will chew on anything they consider usable for their nests. This is an inconvenience when they gnaw on your wood, paper, cloth, books, insulation and upholstered furniture – just to name a few. But what about the wires inside your walls? If rodents decide to chew through these live electrical currents it creates a very dangerous fire hazard. That’s why, If you think you have rodents in the home, it’s vital to call for treatment for the safety of your household and your house itself.

Dangers of Rats & Mice in Wisconsin

Because of the sheer scope of damage rodents can cause to a property, rodents are considered one of the most dangerous pest problems around. They not only harm a home or business’s structural integrity, they also contaminate surfaces and spread potentially fatal diseases. To avoid all of this, it’s best to reach out to a Batzner Rodent Control Technician

Are Mice Dangerous? in Wisconsin

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