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Do I have rats or mice?

Rodent infestations are unpleasant regardless of what creatures are causing it, but it absolutely makes a difference to know whether you have rats or mice in the home. Both rodents share very similar characteristics – constantly-growing incisors, long hairless tails, and a taste for scavenging, just to name a few. Despite all that, these are two entirely different species that need to be treated accordingly. You can distinguish between them by analyzing: 

  • Their droppings
  • Their appearance
  • The size of the infestation
  • The scope of the damage
Do I Have Rats Or Mice? | Batzner Pest Control

Differences Between Rats & Mice​

  • Rats
    • Rats are typically larger in size, ranging from 6-9 inches in length.
    • They’re known for small, hairy ears and larger feet. 
    • Rat droppings are larger than that of a mouse, sized between 10-20mm long.
    • Rats can produce up to 6 litters in a year, with each having up to 10 pups
    • They are opportunistic scavengers that are known for eating meats, grains, seeds and more. 
  • Mice 
    • Mice are considerably smaller than rats, only up to 5 inches in length at most. 
    • They’re known for much larger ears and tails compared to their body size.
    • Their droppings are pointed at the ends and only 1-2mm long.
    • Mice are omnivores that feed on seeds, grains and fruits.
    • They can produce up to 10 litters in a year with up to 14 mice in each litter.

Comparisons Between Rats and Mice

Even though rats and mice are different species, they’re a part of the same family and share some natural similarities. Both rodents have chisel-shaped upper and lower incisors that never stop growing, which is why they chew nonstop. They both have an instinct to scavenge on whatever food is available to them, and both of their droppings can be a potential hazard if mishandled.

Which is Worse: Mouse or Rat?

Some may want to know the lesser of two evils when it comes to rodent infestations. The unpleasant truth is that the two are more or less equally hazardous, and both require prompt treatment as soon as you discover them. Rats and mice can both carry pathogens that can cause potentially fatal diseases, and they can create major structural damage to your home or business. So if you’ve found droppings or chew marks, don’t waste time guessing what kind of rodent caused it. Contact the Rodent Exterminators at Batzner and get the job done right.

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