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Where do rats live?

Rodents are not typically drawn to living inside your home or business itself. They’re more likely to nest outdoors, adjacent to your property, and only come in for food and shelter. If you’re experiencing a rat or mouse problem, one of the first things you might ask yourself is where they’re coming from. The most common nesting sites indoors or outdoors may include:

  • Attics
  • Wall Voids
  • Under Eaves
  • Basements and Cellars
  • Underneath Concrete Slabs
  • Behind Appliances
  • In Sheds or Garages
  • In and Under Gardens
Where Do Rats Live? | Batzner Pest Control

Where do Rats & Mice Live Outdoors?

When rats consider living indoors vs outdoors, a majority of rats prefer to spend their time outside. The Norway Rat is a burrower by nature, and they will build their nests in vegetation, along patios and more. House Mice and Deer Mice are more commonly found in and around trees, or sometimes beneath logs. Rodents can nest in a variety of places, including beneath decks, in tree cavities, under rocks and more.

Where Do Rats & Mice Nest Inside?

What do rodents do once they make their way into your home? Rats and mice tend to target some key areas indoors, and they will use nearly any material to create their nests. Because of that, your entire house is rendered vulnerable.

Rats, particularly Norway Rats, are known for burrowing underneath the foundation of your home and ending up in basements, crawl spaces and more. House and Deer Mice, on the other hand, tend to seek out dark and undisturbed places to nest. Mice especially are so small that they can end up inside of furniture or even behind warm appliances in your kitchen or basement.

Finding Rodents In Your Home

What are the signs of rats and mice in the home? It could be noises in the walls, droppings in your attic or behind your cupboards, or chew marks on your furniture or stored food supply. Whatever the case, as soon as you notice rodents in the home you need to contact Batzner for rodent extermination. We know how to locate and remove a rodent nest safely and comprehensively, leaving you pest free for good.

Where Do Rats Live? in Wisconsin

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