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How to clean up after rodents

It’s one thing to clear out a nest of rats or mice within your home – but what do you do with the mess they leave behind? Depending on how long they’ve been in your property, you may be looking at having to clean:

  • Droppings and urine patches
  • Nests and surrounding debris
  • Dead rodents   

You can’t clean up after rodents as you would other pests. To dispose of things safely, you need to protect your skin and use disinfecting agents.

How To Clean Up After Rodents In Wisconsin | Batzner Pest Control

Cleaning Up Rodent Droppings and Urine

You might be tempted to sweep or vacuum rodent droppings as soon as you see them. This is a potentially dangerous mistake. Rats and mice are known for carrying Hantavirus, a respiratory illness that can be fatal. If you mishandle their droppings or urine, you could be spreading infected particles into the air. So what should you do instead? 

Wearing rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves, spray the leavings with with a mixture of 1 parts bleach to 10 parts water. Let it soak for five minutes, then wipe it with a paper towel and dispose of it in a sealed trash bag. For extra security we suggest disinfecting the surrounding area that may have been exposed.

Getting Rid of Dead Rodents and Nests

In cases where you’ve used snap traps or rodent bait stations, you may have to dispose of dead rats and their  nests. You can do this using the same strategy as you would rat poop or urine. Protect your skin with gloves and disinfect the rodent or nest, let the mixture sit for five minutes, and then dispose of it. And, most importantly, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling rodents or their excrement.

When to Go With Professional Rodent Removal

You don’t have to deal with rodents or their mess on your own. A professional rodent exterminator can perform the dirty work so you don’t have to. And at Batnzer Pest Control our team is quick and efficient, with decades of experience in controlling pests big and small. If you want to learn more about how we can help, contact us today!

How to Clean Up After Rodents in Wisconsin in Wisconsin

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