If you manage an apartment building, hotel, hospital, or any other multi-unit complex, knowing how to handle bed bugs is an absolute necessity. All it takes is one infested piece of luggage, furniture, or clothing entering your building for an infestation to take hold and spread to multiple units.

If a tenant or guest gives any indication that bed bugs are present, you can do a quick visual inspection, looking out for the bugs themselves and small dark spots on sheets, in the seams of mattresses, and on bed frames and headboards. If any sign of an infestation exists, call a professional bed bug service provider immediately!

Batzner’s Bed Bug Treatment of Multi-Unit Complexes Consists Of:

1. Inspection of unit reporting the issue (K-9 recommended).
2. Inspection of adjacent units, even across the hall (K-9 recommended).
3. Questioning of tenant:
– Have you traveled?
– Have you bought any used furniture?
– Have you had any guests over recently?
– Do you frequent other units or common areas?
– Have you self-treated? (this can disrupt our own inspection and treatment)
4. Treatment by either chemicals or heat, depending on the situation.
5. Follow-up and final inspection.

Cooperation between the manager, tenant, and Batzner is vital for success in dealing with bed bugs. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you know exactly what we are doing to fix your problem, just contact us at the earliest sign of infestation!

Bed Bug Protocol for Apartments, Hotels, and Hospitals in Wisconsin

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