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Protecting your Pets and Home from Fleas

It’s a great time of year to enjoy the company of a dog (but then again, it always is). Late spring has brought warmer temperatures and nice weather - meaning it’s time for walks, dog park visits and generally more quality outdoor time with your four-legged friend.

Unfortunately, the more you and your canine companion are on the move; the more likely you are to encounter fleas. Contact with and exposure to other animals is the easiest way for fleas to be transmitted. The best way to stop fleas before they enter your home through a pet is to contact a veterinarian about flea control products.

However, dogs and other pets aren’t the only way fleas can enter your home. Once fleas are in your living environment, your dog could be at risk.

As with many pests, fleas are not a pest to handle alone. If fleas are introduced into your home, Batzner offers a flea service to eliminate the threat of fleas. Learn more about fleas in the Batzner Pest Library.