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Batzner Finds Mouse Evidence in Vending Machine

So it’s 3 o’clock and you’re hungry. You go to the office vending machine for a snack, evaluate your options and decide today seems like a good day for a granola bar. You put your money in, punch in the coded number, and plop – afternoon snack!

While opening the package, you realize not only is the package already open, but that some of your granola has already been eaten! With a little more investigating, it’s pretty evident that something, most likely a pest, has gotten into the vending machine. That’s when this client decided to call Batzner. Watch above as Service Specialist, Scott Lupo, inspects the situation and sets a plan into action.

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After a few days, Scott will return to check the traps and see if anything was caught. Preventative measures will also be set into place to stop any populations from increasing.