In a recent visit to a client’s home, the owner pointed out mysterious holes that kept appearing in her lawn. The owner mentioned two trees had just been removed from the areas where the holes were being dug in preparation for landscaping. As Lead Service Specialist, Jack Yoo, investigated, he looked in both areas the holes were appearing and evaluated the size of the holes. It was important for him to note that the holes were not part of a tunnel system. He concluded that a skunk was likely the culprit in this case. As he explains in the video, the skunk was digging for webworms, which eat the roots of grass. Skunks can smell them and start digging in various places trying to locate their next meal. In this case, the offender was looking for something to eat, not somewhere to live (in which case, there would have been more tunneling).

Batzner Identifies the Backyard Culprit Digging Holes in a Client’s Yard in Wisconsin

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