How to Read and Evaluate Reviews – When to Trust Online Reviews

Today, social media and online reviews are taken into consideration just as much as word of mouth to make buying decisions. With more and more people turning to online resources before making a purchase, it is important to understand and evaluate what you are reading. Some companies have been known to post their own positive reviews or compensate customers for leaving positive reviews, try to get negative reviews removed, or post critical reviews of competitors. Knowing this can make it hard to trust what you are reading. Below is a checklist that will help you recognize if a review can be trusted.

Here are five key steps to follow:

  1. Check out the reviewer

Look at multiple reviews by the same reviewer to help you decide how much trust to put on the opinions of that person. Read the reviewer’s posts on products, businesses, and services other than the one you are looking to buy, and take the opinions of “one-time” or “first time” reviewers lightly.

Reviewers, by law, are required to disclose if they have a connection to a company, but some companies may have family and friends write reviews or pay people to contribute reviews without recognizing the connection. An internet search of the reviewer will often reveal if they have a connection to the company.

  1. Be wary of similar wording in reviews

One way to get a feel for whether or not you’re reading a legit review is to read through all the company’s reviews across multiple sites. If you notice many of the reviews are using similar wording, it may be an indication that the reviewers are being paid for reviews. People who are paid to write reviews are often provided the content to use, so be cautious of reviews with similar phrasing.

  1. Read multiple reviews on several sites

Compare reviews on multiple sites so you can determine whether there is a trend. You want to read many opinions before you decide if there’s a trend happening. Generally, at least 2 dozen reviews is a good guideline.

  1. Discount extremely positive reviews

If a reviewer is going completely over the top making extremely positive comments or if every single review you read about a business is positive, reviewers may have been provided an incentive. You can also use this free website that analyzes the reviews on certain sites and reports on how trustworthy the reviews are.

  1. How the company deals with reviews

Another important thing to consider is how the company is dealing with negative reviews they receive. Are they ignored? Are multiple people complaining about the same thing suggesting that the company is not doing anything to change its processes? You should see some company interaction with the reviewers, positive or negative, but especially with negative reviews. You should see the company offering solutions and trying to satisfy the customer.

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Named Six-time Top Workplace by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

We are excited to announce that we have once again earned a spot in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces list! Winning this award for the sixth time in seven years demonstrates Batzner Pest Control’s dedication to providing complete satisfaction not only to customers, but to employees as well.

It is an extra honor to receive this recognition in the year of our 70th anniversary. Despite the recent rapid growth of the company and its expansion into new markets, it has retained the family feel that has made it a great place to work since 1946.

If a family atmosphere with a strong work/life balance and well-rounded compensation and benefits package sounds right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Lupo Named PCT Technician of the Year

Batzner is proud to announce that our own Scott Lupo has been named the 2014 Pest Control Technology Residential Technician of the Year. Lupo, a Master Service Specialist and 17-year veteran at Batzner, was selected for the award based on his excellent customer service track record and volunteer commitments.

You can read the full story on Learn more about Scott and his dedication to providing legendary service in the video.

Batzner Recipient of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces 2014

Batzner Pest Control is the recipient of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces 2014. This award celebrates organizations that provide their employees with a great place to work. Recognized companies have been selected following a survey of their employees who themselves determine the rankings. Only companies that employees have rated as the “best companies to work for” receive the award.

Recognition of this award for the fourth consecutive year reflects the company’s ability to maintain employee satisfaction year after year. With an employee retention rate of 94 percent, Batzner demonstrates its commitment to employees by presenting a comprehensive benefits package with paid time off, extensive and ongoing training, support of community and employee appreciation events and a work/life balance. In addition to the many rewards Batzner employees receive for their success and efforts, the company will be celebrating with its own dedicated ice cream truck delivering treats for all Batzner employees to enjoy.

Batzner has maintained this workplace excellence while sustaining impressive growth each year. The company has made great strides the past few years in expanding their residential and commercial services in the Fox Valley area and into Northern Illinois. With this expansion came the opening of a new Kenosha Service Center and the need for Illinois-based Sales and Service Specialists. Amazingly, this growth has not come at the cost of providing employees an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.

Batzner Pest Management Announces Name Change to Batzner Pest Control

Batzner Pest Management announced today that the company is changing its name to Batzner Pest Control as part of a multifaceted rebranding effort. Founded as Batzner Pest Control in 1946, the restoration of the original name hails back to the foundation of the company that was built on a dedication to provide proven pest control with unparalleled customer service.

With over 69 years in business and the company now in its third generation of family ownership, the Batzner name has become synonymous with exceptional customer service and satisfaction throughout the pest control industry. This unique reputation has truly made Batzner “The Name to Know for Pest Control”, as is illustrated in the new tagline.

“The decision to rebrand was driven by our strong desire to stay grounded in our roots, culture and long-standing tradition of providing legendary service,” said Jerry Batzner, President and CEO. “With the rebranding, Batzner customers will experience the same guarantee which includes complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind.”

The updated, yet clearly recognizable, Batzner diamond logo is the perfect example of the balanced blend between the company’s past and future as a leading and trusted pest control company.

Batzner Pest Control launched its newly-redesigned website at which offers a user-friendly interface for desktop and mobile users and allows Batzner customers to find pest information and request service with ease.

In addition, the familiar red Batzner vehicles have evolved into sleek, new white vehicles with the distinctive design of the Batzner Pest Control logo. Batzner customers can also expect to start seeing their service specialists in redesigned uniforms reflecting the new brand and name.

Batzner Pest Control Donates Food to Local Pantries

NEW BERLIN, Wis., December 06, 2016: Batzner Pest Control kicked off this holiday season with its annual food drive. All employees split into eight teams competing against each other to see who could donate the most food items. Batzner showcased its commitment to the areas it serves by collecting 1,334 food items for donation.

All donated items will be split between the following locations:

  • New Community Shelter, Green Bay, WI
  • The Goodman Center, Madison, WI
  • Food Pantry of Waukesha County, Waukesha, WI
  • Northern IL Food Bank, Geneva IL

Brenda Borgman, from the winning team, shares her thoughts about her team’s success by saying, “We weren’t focused on winning because it wasn’t about winning for us. It was pooling our resources together and giving as much as we could. Once we did that, the holiday spirit just came out of us.”

In 2017, the Batzner team looks forward to surpassing the amount donated this year.

Batzner Pest Control Donates 1,886 Pounds to Local Food Pantry

NEW BERLIN, Wis., Dec, 23, 2015: Batzner Pest Control presented the Food Pantry of Waukesha County with 1,886 pounds of food today. The Food Pantry of Waukesha County is dedicated to providing food to many Waukesha County residents who go hungry every day.

Batzner team members throughout Illinois and Wisconsin were challenged to donate food items at their team meetings in December. Each team’s collection bin was weighed at the end of the competition to see which team would be crowned victorious.

“Batzner is committed to giving back to the community,” said Jerry Batzner, CEO and President of Batzner Pest Control. “I believe it is important to support the communities that have allowed us to protect their brands, food, health, property and families.”

With over 130 team member’s contributing to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County’s mission, Batzner donated nearly one ton of food. A team even exercised creativity by encouraging employees to bid on homemade specialty nuts. The money collected for the homemade nuts was used to purchase additional food to help the team collection efforts.

“We are excited that our donation was able to assist the Food Pantry of Waukesha County in their fight against hunger in the community,” Batzner said. In working with the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, we can help others in need together. The Food Pantry encourages others in the community to host food drives to help sustain their inventory. Learn more here.

Batzner Pest Control Continues Growth in 2016

NEW BERLIN, WI (December 31, 2015)— Since 2010, Batzner Pest Control has experienced a few changes, including expansion into new markets and rapid growth. Known throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois as “the name to know for pest control”, Batzner’s dedication to providing an excellent work environment has earned it a spot in the Top Workplaces list for the fifth time in six years. As the company approaches its 70th anniversary, Batzner is once again looking to grow its team due to internal promotions and expanding territories.

“The growth and positive change we’ve experienced in the past five years is a product of the legendary service our team members provide every day,” said Jerry Batzner, President and CEO. “If team members feel valued and we’re connected with what’s important to them, they’ll certainly be engaged with the company and our customers.”

Since 2010, Batzner has expanded its team from 70 employees to 135 and counting today.

As a family-owned company, Batzner Pest Control makes employees feel like they’re treated as family. The company encourages a work/life balance and provides a well-rounded compensation and benefits package. Batzner employees are doing more than coming to a job every day; they are growing as professionals through a number of ongoing training and professional development programs provided by Batzner. If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining the Batzner family, more information on job openings is available on our website.

Batzner Wins Top Choice Award

When it comes to providing protection from pests, Batzner is the best according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel readers. Batzner Pest Control is proud to announce that it has been named the top pest control provider by residents of Southeast Wisconsin in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s inaugural Top Choice Awards.

Batzner customers and employees both agree that Batzner is the best in the area. The Top Choice Winner Award comes just months after employees named Batzner a Top Workplace in Southeast Wisconsin for the fifth time.

“Receiving recognition as both a Top Workplace and winning the Top Choice Award reinforces our mission to guarantee complete satisfaction from Batzner employees and customers,” said Jerry Batzner, President and CEO.

“We are honored to know that the region thinks of Batzner as the name to know for pest control”, Batzner said.

The Top Choice Awards recognize the best of the Milwaukee area in several categories ranging from dining and entertainment to home and professional services.

You can view Batzner and all of the Top Choice Award Winners at