Have you seen more spiders inside your home? Or spider webs in the basement? With the weather continuing to drop as winter comes around the corner, now is a great time to put spiders in their place. While many insects and rodentshibernate for the winter, spiders can withstand really cold Wisconsin winters. In fact, these cold-blooded creatures can survive in the temperatures around them. While you and I may avoid the great outdoors when the weather dips into the single digits, spiders live in below-freezing temperatures. Whether you reside in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, Fond du Lac or Appleton, Batzner’s team of experts would like to share information on spiders and how to prevent them from residing in your home.

So where do spiders hide?

  • Outside your home under rocks, leaves or snow
  • Inside your home in cracks and crevices, wall voids and other undisturbed areas (basements, attics and crawl spaces)

What brings spiders inside your home?

  • Pests are drawn to moisture giving them something to drink
  • Spiders are attracted to flies, wasps and other overwintering pests as they provide a food source
  • Open trash provides a food source for other insects which draws spiders for a meal
  • Bushes and shrubs around your home provide a way for spiders to make their way inside your home
  • Items in storage spaces provide a hiding place for spiders to create their webs

How can you get rid of spiders?

  • Seal up your home by using caulk to prevent spiders from finding their way indoors
  • Cover vents, chimney tops and window screens
  • Remove vegetation around the perimeter of your home
  • Clean your home on a regular basis to avoid food crumbs and dust build up
  • Replace outdoor lights with yellow sodium vapor lights
  • Use plastic storage containers in place of cardboard boxes

While spiders make their way inside homes throughout the year, they are known to be extremely active in the fall with the temperatures getting cooler and prime time for mating season. The majority of household spiders in Wisconsin homes do not pose a threat and are more of a nuisance pest by leaving behind unsightly webs.

Prevent the spider invasion in your home by reducing attractants. Also, partnering with a local Wisconsin pest control company will guide you in preventative measures and a specialized treatment program to put pests in their place.

Put Wisconsin Spiders in Their Place Before Winter in Wisconsin

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