Along with pumpkin spice and chilly temperatures, fall is high season for mice to seek shelter in your home or business. They might seem somewhat harmless or an issue that you can take care of yourself with traps or other products, however, a mice infestation is a serious problem that should not to be taken lightly. Mice carry a wide variety of diseases and their continuous gnawing can cause damage to your electrical wiring, possibly sparking a fire. Additionally, if mice are not effectively driven out of your home or business, they can multiply very quickly.

While there are many DIY solutions available for mice infestations, the wrong product can be a waste of money, or even worse, it could drive them further into the walls where they will wait to re-enter your house weeks or months later.

So, how do you know if you have a mice infestation in your house? Here are the top ten signs of mice infestation:

  1. Look for nests of fine, shredded materials which are frequently found in garages, closets, attics and basements.
  2. Notice any gnawing on doors, ledges, baseboards or various materials you may have stored in your garage or basement.
  3. Seeing a mouse in person is obviously a very good indication of a mouse infestation. Night is the most active time for mice.
  4. Note if you hear sounds such as gnawing, climbing in the walls, running across the upper surface of ceilings and even little squeaks are common.
  5. When house mice are present, you might notice an ammonia-like odor, which is much more noticeable in smaller areas such as cupboards.
  6. You might notice droppings along hallways, in feeding areas and near shelters. They are about the size of a grain of rice, and are dark brown to black in color.
  7. Both wet and dry urine may also be present, and will glow under ultraviolet light, but keep in mind, many other materials do as well.
  8. Tiny mouse tracks can be noticeable on dusty or muddy surfaces.
  9. Look for dirty smudges along the baseboards. Mice don’t have very good eyesight, therefore, they stick to the same routes and guide themselves along the baseboards.
  10. Burrow holes are typically one inch in diameter, but mice can easily fit through holes as small as a dime. Look for these in baseboards, corners, walls, entryways and foundations.

If you suspect a problem with mice, it’s best to contact an experienced pest control provider right away. Batzner can determine the full scope of the problem and plan the best course of action to rid your home or business of these pesky, and oftentimes dangerous, intruders.

Top 10 Signs of Mice Infestations in Homes in Wisconsin

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