Mice, flies, cockroaches and other insects have no place in a food processing, manufacturing or warehousing facility. While pests may find a way to make your facility their home, hiring a pest control provider that understands Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and food safety can send the pests packing.

Pests in your facility can be a serious problem if they contaminate food supplies or worse yet, your reputation. When partnering with a pest control provider, we recommend 5 tips for an effective pest control program in food processing, manufacturing, warehousing and audited facilities.

5 Tips for an Effective Pest Control Program

  1. The time spent at each service visit inspecting the facility is worth the investment. A trained pest professional will conduct regular inspections to the building structure, office, garbage room, loading docks, food processing areas, restrooms and other locations. Your Service Specialist will note any conducive conditions and signs of pest infestation to ensure you catch a potential issue before it becomes a bigger problem.
  2. Keep your windows, doors, screens, loading docks, exhaust vents and floor tiles in good shape. Openings or gaps in your facility provide an opportunity to leave your facility susceptible to pests. By sealing cracks and crevices, closing openings, covering vents with wire screening and repairing damaged floor drains or tiles; your facility will not give pests access to your sensitive environment.
  3. Reduce pest problems by focusing on sanitation in your facility. Having a regular cleaning schedule that focuses on the hidden parts of your facility will help you remove any potential pest harborage areas. The cleaning schedule should include hard to reach areas, dumpster rooms/pads, floor drains, employee locker rooms, storage areas, and ceiling voids.
  4. Consistent monitoring can be the difference between stored product pests infesting one container or an entire room. Ask your pest control provider about visual inspections of delivery shipments, rotating your stock, and the use of pheromone traps.
  5. Communication is key with your pest control professional. If you are not available during their visits, encourage him/her to follow up with you in regards to any concerns. Batzner Service Specialists regularly use photos and email reports to keep their contacts “in the loop” on items in their facility.

Batzner’s Brand Protection program follows integrated pest management principles that focuses on inspection, sanitation, exclusion and monitoring. So how do we do that?

  • Partnership approach with detailed reporting, ongoing communication and rapid response times
  • Specialized programs with an emphasis on quality pest control solutions and training options for your staff
  • Expertly Trained Service Specialists and Account Executives to provide expertise you can count on

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5 Tips to an Effective Pest Control Program in Food Plants and Warehouses in Wisconsin

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