Wisconsin restaurants are unfortunately no strangers to the risks of cockroaches. Kitchens and storage areas are home to a number of damp and humid areas where cockroaches thrive. If your customer notices a cockroach in your building, the assumption of poor sanitation practices can possibly lead to a damaged reputation.

However, the dangers of a cockroach infestation reach far beyond your customers’ opinion on the cleanliness of your restaurant.

  1. Your restaurant may fail health inspections and be subject to fines and shut-downs
  2. Your stock may also be damaged which could lead to lost revenue
  3. Cockroaches can carry disease and bacteria, including various allergens and salmonella creating an unsafe environment for your employees, customers and restaurant

If your business has failed a health inspection, or you or your customer has noticed a cockroach, Batzner is your best line of defense. A Batzner Service Specialist will first identify and confirm the cockroach infestation, uncover their source, and implement a treatment and preventative program designed to keep them from coming back.

What can you do in the meantime?

  1. Implement good sanitation practices including eliminating food waste several times a day
  2. Maintain a rigorous cleaning schedule
  3. Eliminate potential moisture areas such as leaking pipes
  4. Keep premises clean and free of clutter will help eliminate harborage areas
  5. All cracks, crevices, including pipe openings, should be sealed and checked on a regular basis
  6. Vacuum regularly will also help to keep cockroaches at bay.

If your business or restaurant may potentially be infested with cockroaches, don’t delay. Call a Batzner Pest Control professional today 800.878.2110.

Cockroaches Can Cost Your Business More than Just Your Reputation in Wisconsin

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