Get the Details: Batzner’s Pestfree365 Program

As a pestfree365 program client, you’ll be protected all year round with quarterly services scheduled throughout the year. Our professionals will target pests specific to Wisconsin, and pests that pose the largest threat during those seasons.

Our pestfree365 is the best value program, providing ongoing protection with targeted seasonal visits to ensure your home is continually pest-free.

Step 1: Listen

We listen carefully to your initial description of the issue via phone or email so your Service Specialist is prepared with as much information as possible when they arrive for your initial service. Preparation includes knowing the unique biology, behavior and characteristics of current or possible pest invaders.

Step 2: Inspect

Your Service Specialist inspects your property thoroughly to understand its unique dynamics and reveal possible sources and causes of pest activity.

Step 3: Identify

The premises are closely inspected for pest activity. Based on findings, your Service Specialist will select the best approach to resolve the situation and prevent future problems.

Step 4: Implement

Your customized treatment plan, designed specifically for your home/business and needs, will be implemented.

Step 5: Follow Up

Your Service Specialist will follow-up with you after the service to explain treatment, expectations, and future services for ongoing protection and prevention.

The pestfree365 program is based on scheduled visits to your home three times a year to ensure prevention from the upcoming season’s pests. Depending on weather, either interior or exterior inspections will take place.

  • Interior inspections occur during the cold temperatures, because pests move inside as the weather cools.
  • Exterior inspections happen during warm weather to prevent pests from coming in.
  • If an issue occurs between your visits, schedule an additional visit free of charge.

After each service, a detailed report will be provided with any findings, and a review of the best approach to resolve your unique situation will be determined. As a Batzner client, all call back appointments are included at no additional charge in the event that your home is in need of service.

Our customers can depend on customer satisfaction backed by reliable knowledge and expertise. That’s the Batzner Guarantee – and why we are the most trusted pest control company in Wisconsin since 1946. Contact Batzner Pest Control today to experience the legendary customer service and reliable expertise that has made us the name to know for pest control.

9 Tips to Pest-Proof Your Home During Winter

Winter is in full swing. And while this may mean things are slowing down in the lives of bees and ants, there are many pests whose winters are still busy. The last thing you want are extra guests in your house over the winter. Here are a few helpful tips from the National Pest Management Association for how you can pest-proof your home this winter:

  1. Screen attic vents and openings to chimneys
  2. Eliminate moisture sites, including leaking pipes and clogged drains
  3. Seal cracks and crevices on the outside of the home using caulk and steel wool. Pay close attention where utility pipes enter the structure
  4. Store food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly in sealed receptacles
  5. Replace loose mortar and weather stripping around the basement foundation and windows
  6. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house; keep shrubbery well-trimmed
  7. Install door sweeps and repair damaged screens
  8. Inspect items such as boxes of decorations and grocery bags before bringing them indoors
  9. Properly take care of holiday decorations before they are set up and before they are stored or discarded

Remember, it’s always best to contact a professional if you suspect an infestation of any kind. Batzner has been protecting Wisconsin homes for over 70 years. Our experienced service specialists are the best in the business at handling any type of pest, and would love to help keep your home pest-free this winter season—and beyond!

New and Improved – Mosquito Reduction Program

Learn more about Batzner’s 2017 Mosquito Program.

I think most people would agree that the worst part of summer in southeastern Wisconsin is the mosquitoes. No one likes being driven out of their own back yard on a beautiful summer night because the bugs are too bad; unfortunately, though, that may be happening quite often this summer. We received above average amounts of rain last spring and heavy precipitation already this year, and the National Weather Service is predicting a hotter than usual summer- basically the perfect conditions for large populations of mosquitoes.

Batzner can help you combat the swarms and protect you from the annoyance and diseases brought by mosquitoes with our Mosquito Program. Our new approach is more effective due to a change in our application method. We utilize a mister rather than a spray, which allows the product to coat the undersides of trees, bushes, and other shady areas, all of which are key breeding and hangout spots for mosquitoes. By targeting these areas, we can drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes around your yard.

The program includes two scheduled treatments over the course of the summer and additional callbacks if necessary. Each application has a residual effect for 60 to 90 days, and is applied to targeted areas rather than the entire lawn to provide less chemical exposure to you and your family. We also do a more intensive specialty treatment for weddings and other outdoor events.

We are very excited to show you what a relief our new Mosquito Reduction Program can provide, contact us today to make sure that your outdoor property is safe and enjoyable this summer!