Walk MS Charity Event

Walk MS is a charity walk series with the goal of connecting individuals and raising funds to change the world for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Batzner recently had the opportunity to contribute during their event held at Frame Park in Waukesha. As you may know, stinging insects are at their worst during the early fall, when their nests are fully matured and their natural food sources are declining. This results in a high number of foragers seeking out artificial food sources – like the sugary sports drinks and sweet snacks abundant at charity walks!

To make sure the nearly 100 participants were able to support the cause in comfort, Batzner was happy to provide stinging insect control along the route through the park. This, combined with the contributions of other groups and the energy and enthusiasm of participants, helped to make the day a great success. $41,690.52 was raised, which will be used to fund promising research to stop the disease and restore function that has been lost, with the ultimate goal of ending MS forever. It will also be used to support local programs to help people living with MS achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Walk MS’s 2016 season is over in Wisconsin, but those interested in donating or participating in next year’s events can visit their website for more information on how, why, and where to support ending MS for good!

Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Company

Batzner’s Pest Control is provided with no hidden pricing – and they will only knock on your door after you are their customer.

Most homeowners want two things out of their pest control provider – to get rid of pests while minimizing any negative effects on the environment. It might seem intuitive that an increase in one aspect results in a drop off of the other, but this is not necessarily the case. Batzner’s mastery of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system allows the company to provide the best results while also having one of the smallest environmental footprints in the industry. Other companies may say the same, but it is easy to see the gap between Batzner and the competition when you know what to look for.

GreenPro Certification – A True Measurement of Environmental Responsibility

Almost every pest control company claims to be environmentally friendly, whether it’s written in their company name or slogan or highlighted all over their website. With the words “environmentally friendly” being thrown around so loosely, it can be difficult to determine what they actually mean. Fortunately for consumers, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has a definitive explanation in the form of their GreenPro certification. Less than 1% of pest control companies in the United States have earned this prestigious qualification – and Batzner is one of them.

The GreenPro certification standards are developed, reviewed, and governed by an independent advisory committee comprised of environmental advocacy groups, state and federal government representatives, education experts, and pest professionals. The main focus of these standards is to minimize pesticide exposure to humans, non-target animals, and the environment. To achieve this, GreenPro certifications require the following:

  • Focusing on integrated pest management strategies such as habitat modification, exclusion, removal of food and water sources, sanitation, and making repairs.
  • Providing and documenting thorough pest inspection and monitoring services, as well as follow-ups to ensure effectiveness.
  • Regularly communicating with clients about pest infestations, conducive conditions, and ways to prevent pests.
  • Requiring GreenPro training for all company employees who sell or perform GreenPro service.

Furthermore, companies whose services include any of the following will not be certified as GreenPro:

  • Preventive pesticide applications that are based solely on the calendar, without linkage to the biology of the pest and/or regional data on pest pressure and patterns of infestation.
  • Routine, high-volume pesticide applications without justification.
  • Indoor pesticide applications without justification.
  • Rodenticides placed in a manner in which they are accessible to children and non-target animals.

Pursuing the goal of minimizing pesticide exposure to the environment and following the requirements listed above are logical standards for any pest control company that calls itself environmentally friendly. Why then, are so few companies GreenPro certified?

Most commonly, companies are unable to become GreenPro certified because of their reliance on regular high-volume pesticide applications. These applications include whole-yard coverage and excessive applications around low-benefit areas such as the perimeter of the yard. When asked the purpose of these high-volume treatment solutions, many companies will say that it provides more effective pest control. This, however, is as fraudulent as their claims to be environmentally friendly.

Truly Effective Pest Control – Batzner vs. the Competition

Ask any entomologist about the best practice for controlling pests and the answer will never be to cover your entire yard with pesticides. These “spray and pray” techniques are used by companies who are looking for the simplest strategy, not the most effective. Additionally, they often claim that their products are less harsh on the environment, when in reality they are either using a less potent pesticide or a watered down version of a high quality pesticide. This approach is preferable for the company because it is cheaper and easier to instruct an employee to simply spray a whole yard than it is to train a Service Specialist how to do what’s best for you, your family, and the environment. Such techniques can actually increase the likeliness of pesticide resistant pest populations. Put simply, a company promising to reduce your pests by drastically increasing pesticide use is not offering a treatment solution, they are contributing to a treatment problem.

Conversely, Batzner invests large amounts of time and resources to make sure its service team provides the most effective pest control treatment possible. Pesticides are used in combination with inspections, exclusion methods, baiting, and consultations with homeowners on cultural practices to make homes less prone to infestations in the first place. Instead of an over-reliance on pesticides, Batzner views them as a last resort; however, when pesticides are necessary, Batzner uses the highest-quality products in targeted areas for guaranteed results. Rather than covering your whole lawn with a “one size fits all” pesticide, Batzner identifies the pest(s) you are dealing with and uses a product made for that type of pest – a customized solution for your unique situation. Any entomologist will tell you this strategy is the best practice for controlling pests.

See the Difference for Yourself

Remember, when looking at different pest control providers, you will often encounter similar language describing the service. “Certified,” “environmentally responsible,” “best approach,” “pest expert” and others are all commonly used, so it is important to take the time to research what those words mean to each company. Find answers to questions like, “Who certified them?” “Environmentally responsible relative to what?” and “What is their approach, really?”

Choosing your pest control provider is a major choice for you and your home, and should not be made as a spur of the moment decision. If you take a moment to inform yourself of what is recommended by organizations like the NPMA and other leaders in the pest control industry, it will be obvious that Batzner Pest Control is the right choice – and you will slam the door in the face of the competition.

Proactive Bed Bug Control Using Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs in Hotels, Apartments, and Hospitals

Be Proactive About Bed Bugs; Implement Our Regularly Scheduled Canine Inspections!

Brenda Borgman, Batzner’s Account Executive Manager, sums up the benefits of proactive bed bug canine inspections: “Doing proactive sweeps cuts down on heavy infestations by allowing us to detect and treat a problem early on. This reduces the chance of it spreading to more parts of the building, which can be expensive and a hassle for owners and managers to deal with. Overall, the proactive approach is a much more cost-effective way to handle bed bugs in multi-unit properties.”

Difference between Inspections and Treatment

What are proactive bed bug sweeps? By contracting to have bed bug sniffing dogs come in at regular intervals, bed bug problems are caught before they are able to take hold and spread into a full-blown infestation. The cost of proactive inspections compared to the steep cost of eliminating heavy infestations multiple times means they pay for themselves.

Frequency of Inspections

The frequency of these inspections is determined by the clients’ needs. For college dorms this is often just once a year before the fall semester or twice a year in the fall and during the winter break. Other properties, such as apartments, hotels, hospitals, and social service training facilities require more frequent visits, usually quarterly but sometimes monthly.

How Proactive Inspections Work

Our highly-trained Bed Bug Canine Team performs sweeps of critical areas where bed bugs are likely. In dorms, apartments, and hotels, this covers the rooms, hallways, and lobbies where there are many people coming and going, with particular focus paid to the bed area and furniture where a tenant/guest might be sleeping. Similarly, in social service and healthcare facilities, the waiting areas, training areas, and emergency rooms are considered critical areas due to the amount of people going in and out who are potential carriers for bed bugs.

Remember, early detection is the key to preventing bed bugs from becoming a major problem. Randy Rupert, our Bed Bug Team Leader, adds that, “In addition to the cost saved by avoiding multi-unit infestations, preventative canine inspections’ high detection rate provides property owners and managers peace of mind that bed bugs won’t be shutting down their business.”

Learn more about our bed bug Canine Team!

Call 866-591-3519 or contact Batzner online today for more information about our proactive canine inspections!

What Happens During a Home Pest Inspection

It all starts with contacting us! Reach out to Batzner via phone, or our quick and easy free estimate form on our website to get the ball rolling. From there, a Batzner Pest Control consultant will assess your concerns over the phone. You may have particular pest concerns, or are in need of general preventative pest maintenance.

During your first initial service our professionals will arrive and be ready to thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home. Our expertise allows us to not only search for causes and evidence of a particular pest concern, but also helps us to identify other areas where we see the potential for future pest issues as well.

While inside, our professionals are on the lookout for red flags like, food and water sources, moisture issues from leaking pipes or other humid conditions, as well as a variety of sanitation issues. They are also on the lookout for physical evidence such as damage or droppings, which may indicate the presence of pests.

On the exterior of your home, a trained Batzner Service Specialist will seek out any openings such as cracks or crevices in the mortar or foundation or any tree limbs touching your home which can provide a welcome walkway for pests of all types. Batzner specialists are familiar with other common outdoor pest attractions such as stored firewood or excess debris and trash near your home.

Batzner will leave you with the peace of mind that your pests have not only been properly identified, but if needed, an effective treatment plan has been set in motion to keep you, your family, and your pets safe.

Call 866-591-3519 or contact us today for a free Batzner consultation.

Spring into Residential or Commercial Pest Control

Spring is a great time to consider the benefits of pest control. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or facilities manager, the last thing you need in your busy schedule is a nasty pest invasion. Luckily, Batzner Pest Control has solutions for a long list of pest control issues.


The pestfree365 program is a great solution for ongoing pest maintenance. Seasonal visits during peak times ensure your home is continually pest free. The pestfree365 system covers 36 pests, including the usual culprits listed below.

CommercialIf you’re struggling with a particular pest, Batzner is here to help. Specialized services are tailored to identify, treat and prevent pest invasions in the future. A few typical pests we encounter are bed bugs, cockroaches and Asian lady beetles, but our team of experts can take care of just about every pest you might come across in Wisconsin.

Batzner Pest Control has been a trusted business partner for decades. If you’re looking for emergency services, or ongoing care with the BAN™ Brand Protection, Batzner is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible pest control partner.

A few benefits of becoming a valued commercial client of Batzner’s include:

  • Recurring service program reviews
  • Thorough documentation including a Client Care Binder, scanned equipment, pest logs, detailed service report and special service requests
  • Standard Operating Procedures that outline best practices in pest control and sanitation
  • Ongoing communication with your Batzner Service Team
  • Rapid response times with additional service visits, as requested
  • Pre-audits and onsite pest control representation during audits such as FDA, USDA, and more
  • Commitment to continuing education in advanced pest control practices

If your business requires, or is committed to environmentally-friendly practices, Batzner’s Green Services is a great solution. Third parties GreenPro and Green Shield have certified Batzner, and continue to audit our practices to ensure we follow the strict guidelines each organization has set forth.

A new season has begun, and it’s a great time to consider your pest control needs. Call 866-591-3519 or contact Batzner online today to get a free estimate to protect your home or business.

Batzner Solves Cluster Fly Problems Six Stories High

It’s a unique time of year at Batzner, as we are currently under way with our annual Cluster Fly Week. While no two weeks of work in the pest control industry are the same, this week is exceptional as it is the only time we offer our specialty cluster fly treatment. This service involves equipment and treatment methods different from any other service we perform; specifically, it involves a lift truck and sending a Service Specialist up to six stories off the ground!

Cluster Flies- a nuisance on many levels!

Cluster flies merit this extra effort due to their ability to enter the upper floors of multi-level buildings. Similar to boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles, cluster flies gather in large numbers around the sun-exposed sides of structures in the fall, and seek entry to spend the winter indoors. Once inside, they are a major nuisance pest, emerging from void spaces inside of walls and buzzing around windows on sunny winter days. They can also be problematic as dead flies will attract other pests.

Our Solution Goes Right Up to the Source
To combat them, Batzner applies a preventative treatment around a building’s windows, which are the cluster flies’ main entry point. For larger scale clients with buildings too large for treatment from the ground (most commonly hospitals and office complexes), the lift truck is necessary to reach the upper floors. Service Specialists performing treatment with the lift truck work in pairs, with one operating the basket from the ground and the other doing the actual application. The Service Specialist on the ground is also in charge of several safety precautions, like warning the applicator if anyone is walking underneath the basket or if he or she is approaching power lines.

A Service Specialist’s Perspective from High Up

Some Service Specialists love the thrill of being sixty-plus feet in the air on a small platform. Service Specialist and Cluster Fly Treatment expert Brandon Myer says that, “I’ve never had a problem with heights, so I thought I’d give it a try, and found that I really enjoy it. Our work always varies from week to week, but no other treatment gives me the opportunity to go eighty feet high.” For others, the experience is not as exciting. Quality Assurance and Safety Manager Karl Rowell was one such individual, and said, “I made sure to show the Service Specialists how to operate the machinery and do the job safely and effectively, but after being up in the basket for five minutes I realized that I’m very glad we have other professionals to take care of this job.”

Odd Hours/Hectic Schedule
To make the treatment as convenient as possible for our clients, the Service Specialists work around normal business hours, with Cluster Fly Treatment shifts going from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., or immediately after the business closes for the day. These odd hours and hectic schedule are well worth it, as Training and Development Manager Steve Counsell explains that, “Cluster Fly Week is a great way to maintain integrity with our large scale clients, and proves that we are willing to go above and beyond to solve their pest control needs.”

If you are experiencing any pest issues at your home or business, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-591-3519 or contact us online. We can’t wait to prove to you as well that we will go to great lengths, and heights, to keep you living pest free!

QualityPro Finally Explained

Batzner Pest Control’s mission is to provide legendary service guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. While keeping the company’s mission in mind, Jerry Batzner, CEO and President, reinforces it by saying “That’s why it’s so important to us to be QualityPro certified. Customers need to feel comfortable with whoever is coming into their home for service work.” We understand the importance of feeling safe with who is doing work in your home, and that’s why we maintain our certification.

What is QualityPro?

QualityPro is a 3rd party certification awarded by the National Pest Management Association to pest control companies that go above and beyond the minimum requirements for state licensing. Batzner is one of only 3% of pest control companies nationwide that are QualityPro Certified.

What does QualityPro mean for me as a Customer?

Because of the strict guidelines we follow, you can feel comfortable every time one of our service specialists comes to your door. As active members in this program, every one of our employees has the following qualities:

  • Are drug-free
  • Have safe driving records
  • Passed a criminal background check
  • Receive numerous hours of continuing education each year to ensure that they stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques in the industry

What can I expect during my appointment?

  • Licensed professional arrives in a marked company vehicle
  • Does a thorough inspection
  • Informs you of the products being used in your home
  • Provides paperwork to you after each visit that reflects action taken during your appointment

Other companies are not obligated to follow these expectations. By doing business with us, you can feel confident in your selection of a qualified pest management provider. Learn more about our QualityPro Certifications.

Prevent Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder Bug Infestations – Service Required Before First Frost

Fall invaders probably aren’t the first pests that come to mind when you think of a pest infestation. Occasional, or fall, invaders are a group of insects that invade structures occasionally, often finding themselves inside your home. You’ll start to see this happening when weather conditions become threatening to their survival. The occasional invaders that get several complaints filed against them around this time of year, and in spring, are the Boxelder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles.

As autumn approaches, these fall invaders are looking for a cool, dry place to hit snooze during the winter. In September and October, they tend to assemble themselves on the exterior walls of sunny, south-facing buildings seeking out warmth. Once they land on buildings, they make their way through tiny cracks and crevices looking for protected places to hibernate. Their favorite locations include cracks around windows and door frames, behind fascia boards, and behind exterior siding. Structures with many cracks make this very easy for them and are most vulnerable to infestation.

As temperatures warm in late winter and early spring, they start to wake up from hibernation. This usually occurs on the sunnier, southwest side of homes. Still sleepy from their winter naps, some fall invaders unintentionally make their way inside your home, emerging from behind baseboards, walls, attics, and suspended ceilings. This is why even though Frosty the Snowman may still be standing strong outside, pests can mysteriously appear in your living room in the middle of winter.

So why do you find piles of dead fall invaders collecting in your window sill over winter? Well, once inside your home, the pests realize “Hey, this isn’t right!” They will naturally gravitate towards the light, which is mostly likely going to be the closest window. Since the temperature in your home is cozier than the temperature outdoors, their metabolism starts to gear up for summer. A high metabolism combined with no source of food causes them to quickly use up their winter reserves and die. If you see any still alive, you can return them to the outdoors where cooler temperatures will slow down their metabolism until spring.

The best way to control Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder Bugs invasions is to seal up and repair any cracks and crevices around windows, eaves, doors, insulation and siding in the fall. Pay close attention to places where pipes and wires enter your home. Batzner Pest Control offers a fall service that creates a protective barrier to treat the cracks and crevices the fall invaders are attracted to, controlling and minimizing the population. This service must be applied before the first frost, so call now (866-591-3519 ) or contact us online to ensure you don’t have fall invaders waking up in your home. If you are already on our pestfree365 program, the Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder Bug treatment is included. You’re all set!

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs? Learn About the Signs of Bed Bugs

It’s no secret that bed bugs are seriously creepy creatures. After all, they like to live near your bed and feed on your blood while you’re sleeping. Disturbing, right? If you think you may have bed bugs, you should look in two places for evidence: on your body and in your room.

Bed Bug Evidence on Your Body

The primary sign of bed bugs on your body are red, itchy bites, usually appearing on skin that’s exposed while sleeping. Bed bug bites are often mistaken for mosquito bites or bites from other insects, and some people show no reaction at all to bed bug bites. So it’s no wonder they go undetected for long periods. Bed bugs might be present if you are waking up with bites you can’t explain. The biting pattern is usually in straight rows, unlike the sporadic biting of other insects. Also look for:

  • Raised, red welts
  • Burning and itching
  • Bed bug bite rash across localized area

Bed Bug Evidence in the Room

Bed bugs are clever enough to hide during the day but leave behind the evidence of their blood-thirsty crimes. Their carelessness is one of the best indicators your room is overrun with bed bugs. You will often see evidence of a bed bug infestation without actually seeing any bed bugs. Below are secondary signs you can look for.

  • Fecal stains in the areas they inhabit
    • Fecal spots will not flake off if rubbed and will smear if wiped with a wet rag
    • Fecal stains will be black due to the digested blood that is excreted
  • Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses caused by bed bugs being crushed
  • A clear bed bug shell, or exoskeleton, which is shed as the bed bug grows larger
  • A live bed bug

I Have Evidence of Bed Bugs, But How Do I Find Them?

Bed bugs hide in a variety of places when they are not feeding. If you know the right place to look, you may be able to spot bed bugs. Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. Their favorite spots include around the bed, near seams and tags of mattresses and box springs, and in cracks on the bed frame and headboard. If the room is heavily infested, bed bugs may be found in these additional places:

  • In seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, in the folds of curtains
  • In drawer joints
  • Under loose wall paper and wall hangings
  • In electrical outlets and appliances
  • At the junction where the wall and the ceiling meet

If you think bed bugs have invaded your home, call 866-591-3519 or contact Batzner online today! Our team of specialists will discuss treatment options and recommend the right plan for your property. Sleep well again and get all the beauty rest you deserve.

What is the Batzner Guarantee?

You’ve heard us mention our Batzner Guarantee – but what exactly does that mean?

When you call a pest management service, you are generally either looking to prevent future pests, or to control an existing infestation. You have an expectation of not only your pest problem being managed, but of fast and friendly service as well.

To Batzner, those are basic requests of a pest control service and we don’t take them lightly. Our reputation is based on our expertly-trained and certified field professionals and our skilled office team that you’ve entrusted with your home or business.

We pride ourselves on our legendary customer service, provided to each and every client. That means not only our friendly and helpful staff, but also rapid response times and convenient scheduling.

When you choose Batzner, our promise to you is that we are not satisfied unless you are. We will continue to come back until your pest control issue has been resolved. We guarantee that you will receive the service that you’ve requested, as well as a high level of customer service that you can expect each and every time you work with Batzner.

Call Batzner today to assess your pest control needs, and receive a free estimate at 262-797-4160.